Sunday, February 3, 2008

Having Goals :: Eyes on the Prize

Having Goals :: Eyes on the PrizeThe nature of creativity is often unpredictable. In some cases, it's easiest to tap creativity when all of the fences are down and your muse has the freedom to roam. At other times, there needs to be a goal or finish line (or deadline) in place to motivate the muse. In this post, we are going to talk about the latter.

For 2008, my sole resolution was to do less, but do it better. This resolution was motivated by my having many half-finished projects lying around. Coming up with great ideas has always been my strength--following through on them, however, well...not so much.

This year, I've taken to making a list of goals. I'm happy to say that so far, I've accomplished two of them. I've released a compilation of indie musicians called Notes From The Underground. And I've put the finishing touches on a free eBook that will be uploaded to this blog in a few days.

Making the list is key, because progress is encouraging. The list keeps me focused. As I make it further into projects, I'm also realizing I'm encountering new challenges that come from the latter stages of idea development. This learning has a snowball effect as solutions in some projects are helpful when applied to other unfinished projects and future projects.

I've made lists with pen and paper. I'm also fond of 43 Things, which allows me to not only create a goal, but write a short entry about it. I can also see others who share my goals, as well as a variety of goals that others are striving toward. These options are also motivating.

Create some goals. Make a list. Channel your creativity.

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