Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Top 10 Blogs for Writers

Over at Writing White Papers, Michael Stelzner has put together a great list of the top 10 blogs for writers. Here's a copy of that list, but please go to his site as well to get some descriptions of each site. Then go to each site and see what there is to learn.

  1. Copyblogger
  2. Freelance Writing Jobs
  3. The Renegade Writer
  4. Web Content Writer Tips
  5. Web Writing Info
  6. The Golden Pencil
  7. Catalystblogger
  8. Freelance Parent
  9. Write from Home
  10. Copywriter Underground

And since Michael can't award his own blog a place on the list of top blogs for writers, I will. Check out Writing White Papers, and check it out often. Michael offers great tips and poses legit questions for writers that stir up a lot of useful discussion.


Michael Stelzner said...

Hey Geoff;

Thanks for mentioning the list!

Just as a correction, the blog is

All my best!


Geoff said...

All fixed.

Sorry about that. ;)