Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mood Music

It's October and Halloween is near. While we normally associate holiday music with the end of December, Halloween certainly brings its own brand of spooktacular sounds. Collectively, these jingles, songs, and sound effects create a distinct mood during this time of year. As a writer, that makes a difference.

If you have been following this blog for any period of time, you know I'm also a musician and I put a lot of stock in the power of music to influence our writing. To that end, I suggest an album called This House Has No Light. It's my debut CD as my alter ego scarecrow. As a soundtrack disc, it is written with story telling in mind. It's a darker CD, perfect for this time of year.

Here is the first single: The Hustle.

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Jim Moon said...

I fully agree with the fact that when writing/working you need to have a great play list going, (Sorry, pause... I am firing up ITunes right now to get into a proper writing mindset) There we go, sorry …

Depending on the task at hand, the proper play list is essential. I find for all day at work, programming, or writing training material 10 + Hours stuck in front of a computer, calls for a slight combination of hardcore metal with just a hint of techno, or house music, then after. 6- 8 cups of coffee, and half a bag of pumpkin seeds later, I am into the gangsta rap, and look-in to “Cap” someone at the coffee machine (kidding)…

Seriously, the power of music to motivate inspire, and fuel your creative side is “Huge” this is a regular practice that I highly recommend.

Currently I am listening to one of my favorite songs, “While the City Sleeps” by MC 900 ft Jesus. If you have never heard it, check it out on ITunes, listen to the words, it’s almost chilling. It takes you right inside the head of an Arsonist…

Songs are cool; they can be just like a novel and allow you to use your Creative imagination to vividly picture the story within the song.

Crazy, but I have always respected the writing style of this guy.

So many cool artists, with so many creative stories to tell… All you have to do is listen.

Thanks, Geoff… very cool posting, “The Hustle” is an awesome song.

Jim Moon