Thursday, August 2, 2007

Contest :: Why Do You Write?

During the last few days, Michael Stelzner has been trying to get to the heart of what prevents people from writing over at Copyblogger and, his own site, Writing White Papers.

Here at Tapping Creativity, on the other hand, I would like to know: Why Do You Write?

What is your motivation? What keeps you writing stories that very few people will ever read? What keeps you writing blog posts that get no comments? What moves you to spend precious time sitting in front of a computer while the world is happening outside your window? C'mon, let's hear it!

In one week (August 10th), I will sort through all the comment - please let there be comments - and select the 5 comments I like the most. Those 5 people will all get free copies of my eBook, Tapping Creativity.

Not a book deal, I know. Still, it's all I got.

So let's hear it: Why Do You Write?


Karen Lynch-Live the Power said...

Well, I do get a few comments! I do have some readers. But it took awhile!
I write because I love it, because when I write time stands still and I am lost in the bliss and the joy of it all!
Writing is my muse, my passion and my purpose.
I write because I have nothing else to do with all of the words and phrases in my head but to weave them into a story, an article or a blog post and write it down.
I write because my soul calls me to write and when I follow that calling I find the joy that we are all searching for in life.

Well, you asked the question!!

allergicmom said...

I write because I want to share stories about my experiences as the parent of a severely allergic kid. It's hard enough to raise a child, but to live in fear that his next bite might be his last is a pretty frightening experience.

I figure that if I can personalize the experience to people who don't understand severe food allergies, then maybe they'll understand it a bit more the next time they offer food to a kid they don't know. (Or put out a tray of nuts in the middle of a food fair.)

While I've been writing, I've also been touched by the kinds of searches I've received. There are lots of parents out there dealing with allergies, and I hope that my blog is helping them a little bit too.

bhumika said...

Earlier, I would maintain a diary and write only when something really significant happened during the day. However, with a blog I have realized that the possibilities are unlimited. You needn't even disclose your name and still can share all that you want to. And when you see people comment on your posts, you feel a boost. It's the clear example of the 'user and gratification' theory.

On the other hand, I have this fear that if I stop writing I will loose the flow of ideas that I have now. I am a very self-conscious person and don't want to loose my power of expression. Written word has it's own charm - everyone can interpret it the way he/she wants to. At the same time it's therapeutic. Writing calms me - provides a vent to my pent up feelings. And if there is someone out there reading it and connecting with me, nothing like it!

Michael Stelzner said...



Well, I write because that is what I do for a living.

I also enjoy writing.

I like providing information others find useful.

Simple answers to a tough question.

dreadpal said...

It's an ego thing: I think I can help educate or entertain people in a unique way. Plus, it's an irresistible urge, like scratching an itch.

Patricia Singleton said...

I write because I have no choice. The words come and have to be put down on paper. I have written since I was a child afraid that someone would find what I had written and know my secrets so as a child I wrote about things of no importance to anyone. Today I have no secrets. Today I write about the important things or at least what's important to me. I write because maybe I can, through the sharing of my experiences, help someone else out of their pain sooner than I was able to come out of mine. I write because I am inspired by people like you. I write because I am inspired by the struggle of other survivors.

Rebecca Thomas said...

I write because I just can't stop myself.

I write to keep from losing ideas.

I write to get things out of my head and into a format where I can do something useful with it.

I write to share what I learn/read/find.

I write to think through problems.

I write to experiment, to create.

I really just write because it's one of those things I've always done.

Rob said...

I write to earn a living.

I write to connect with others--usually people who know far more than I do about my subject.

I write because, for me, writing = thinking.


Brice said...

Words played a crucial role in creating the person I am today. I was a voracious reader when I was young, and my impressionable mind thrilled to the insights I discovered each time I opened a book.

As I got older, I grew more jaded and practical. Reading became not a joy in itself, but a means to an end: a way to achieve better grades, to learn a skill, to find a good job. Reading led me to become a better writer, which led to a career in public relations. So I write because it’s my job.

But: sometimes when I labour over a piece of writing and finally figure out how to craft it so it matches the thoughts in my head – or, better yet, when I write something that surprises even me – I become a kid again, my eyes wide open with wonder and the joy of discovery.

And that's why I write.

guice666 said...

I write because I need to. I hadn't written for several years (decade) and I notice a huge difference in my thought process when I write vs when I didn't write.

It's for my own building of ideas. Without ideas, I get stuck in a rut of just playing games and doing nothing day by day.

I'll admit it has been a rocky road in getting into writing again. Some days I would skip, sometimes 2-3 at a time. Other days, I would write for hours, combined, on blogs and in my notebook.

Quite simply, I to it to spark my right brain once again. I miss that bloke.
Right brain! Where for art thou?
/chigaty chigaty chigaty

Patricia Singleton said...

Geoff, I took my comment to your article and a comment that I left at another blog and wrote my own article that I just posted at